Last week we said goodbye to Malaysia and Singapore on this Blog, after a nice “holiday” with my parents. Now we welcome you to Surabaya, Indonesia!

First morning in Surabaya.

April 29th, 2019

When we booked our flight to Surabaya, we knew it was not a touristic city, but it was the cheapest way to get to Indonesia. We actually decided to book 5 nights there (much longer than usual) to relax after hopping from place to place the last weeks.

welcome to Surabaya, our fresh fruit breakfast

Our breakfast in Surabaya: fresh fruit

When we woke up, we headed out for breakfast but nothing on the street stands seemed very inviting. We found a local bakery to buy some sweet buns, and got some fruits from the fruit stall across the street.  A full bag of fruit, already cut, for 10k rupiah (0’6€)! Okay, we will survive here!

Some days we just chill!

Sometimes our friends ask “don’t you get tired of having to do or see something every day?” Well, we would! But we don’t go sightseeing every day! We like to take it easy and sometimes we need a day to put everything back together and rest.

So, our first day in Indonesia was well invested in chilling by the pool and backing up our phones and all SD cards into the hard disk. We’ve learnt the lesson the hard way, and now we’re backing up all photos and videos with much more frequency…

We were “busy” being lazy, and it was raining outside again. So we ordered food for lunch for two or three euros. After coming from Singapore, we’re already loving the prices here in Surabaya.

Something else on our to-do list was finding flights to go home in July before they become too expensive. We did some research and found a fair deal, so we bought it with mixed feelings….

Despite being lazy, the day was being quite productive. There were some little things that needed to be done, like finding out prices of ferries between islands, and looking for a new flight out of Indonesia – because the one we booked while we were at the airport didn’t get confirmed!

As it was a cheat day anyway, we went back to the mall for dinner. Street food around us looked a bit too much for us… since Surabaya isn’t touristic at all, the food is really rough and we needed a couple days to get used to it.

April 30th, 2019

Just another day at the “office”

A new day starts. Nothing planned, or at least nothing “touristy”. And we love that!

We got time to hand wash our clothes and continue with our standard in Surabaya: being on the laptop doing everything that had to be done some time ago.

Later in the day we walked to an indoor climbing gym (bouldering), something we always like to do when we spend some days in a city. It was raining and a bit tricky to find in between the small streets. We had to ask around until we found it. It was not fancy, there was no AC or fan, and probably not the safest either. But definitely the cheapest we’ve ever been to!

We took a Grab (Uber) back home and when we arrived, of course and as always, we had to wait because they were cleaning our room. – It happens ALL THE TIME to us!! – That made a good excuse to go to the pool again.

Chilling at the pool in Surabaya

Chilling at the pool in Surabaya

For dinner we headed into the city, we went to the centre and walked along the river side. The whole area is light up with colourful decoration, making it pretty nice. We ended up in another mall, and almost by “mistake” we had burgers for dinner. We felt terrible and promised ourselves to start eating like normal people again from the next day and try some Surabaya street food!

Read about our next plans and places we will visit in this post!


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