About Globetrotterdammers

We believe that everyone is capable of doing more than they believe. Every person can go another mile, and then another one. Because dreams are the fuel for our lives, we should set our hearts on them.

Feeling empowered by the experiences we lived through our travels we decided to build a brand that gives every person the opportunity to feel closer to their dreams. Go for it!

Brand Purpose

We want to encourage all people to explore the world and, why not, do something crazy. Even those who never thought of doing something like that. Together, let’s explore your new comfort zone.


We want to be part of your next trip to a place you don’t know yet. May it last days, weeks or years, let’s make it great.


We live to feed the explorer inside you, and encourage everyone to try something new. We provide you with the best products, you only have to bring your best mood and your globetrotter soul.

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