May 7th, 2019. Seminyak

On our previous post we explained how we “ended up” the first time in Bali, by not really making any plans…

Waking up in for the First time in Bali is something many people dream about. So, we want to find out what Bali has to offer and test for ourselves if it will meet the expectations (disclaimer: it did). But first, a visit to one of the many Circle K (7/11 kind of convenience shop) to grab something for breakfast. We also took advantage of having a good bathroom  at this hotel to wash some clothes. As soon as this was done, we went to rent a motorbike, which is almost a must in Bali. And so cheap for 4€ a day!

Let’s explore…

We hopped on our motorbike and headed to the first spot we wanted to explore: the hotel where my sister is going in a couple months for her honeymoon. We looked around and it did not disappoint. Approved!

Then we sat at a beach bar nearby, and worked on our plans to start an e-commerce. Also, we realized that time is flying and we will be going home in just ten weeks. Therefore, we decided to plan a bit in advanced for once, and bought the next flight tickets. We decided we will go to the Philippines next, which we were sure we would visit . But also, we decided we will go to Japan next, and most likely South Korea. We have high expectations for these countries, so we thought it will be a great way to end the trip.

having lunch at the beach in Bali

having lunch at the beach in Bali

Having lunch at the beach brought us into that Bali mood right from the beginning. We went swimming and checked the prices for surfing. It seemed to be a great place for beginners and very cheap!

Later we drove a bit further to another beach. We bought some food at the Circle K and ate it while watching sunset on the beach. We love days like this!


May 8th, 2019. Seminyak

It’s time to surf!

Richard has been saying a million times during the trip that he wanted to surf. We had a lesson in South Africa, on our last day there. That was the first and last time until now. Surfing in Bali looks almost like a must. Conditions are good, and renting a board or having a lesson is really cheap. So, let’s do it!

Surfing in Bali

Surfing in Bali

We went to the same beach as the day before. Richard rent the board and went on his own, and I had a lesson. It was a perfect day for surfing, we did pretty well but we must admit, the big surf boards make the job pretty easy!

The beach next to the airport

Our next stop was Bali’s airport. It is right next to the sea and we wanted to check out the beach next to it and see the airplanes landing a few meters away. Quite cool to see, although it wasn’t a nice beach to spend the day. We had lunch at a local place there. The usual Nasi goreng (fried rice), but this time with seafood instead of chicken.

We drove back to the hotel and on the way we updated or data plan for the local SIM card. Apparently data plans in Indonesia can be really complicated… we bought a plan that includes 1.3gb during the day, 2gb between 7pm and 5am and 5gb of online TV. Weird!

After this, we picked up one of our backpacks and drove to Ubud. The rest of the luggage was stored at the hotel, so we could go on the motorbike comfortably.

Driving to Ubud

Driving out of Denpasar was a bit of a hell. Lots of traffic, busy roads… but as soon as we got out of there, the road turned from hell to heaven. Lots of vegetation and mountain roads, just what we love. We stopped on the way for our usual “snack break” when we are on the motorbike, which is always a coconut. Arriving into Ubud there was a bit of traffic again, because it’s small but quite touristic as well.

Riding a scooter first time in bali

Traffic in Bali

We arrived into the accommodation that we had checked online Pio Pio Ubud house, and it looked lovely. So we decided to stay. The room was even better than it looked online, with a nice balcony and surrounded by trees.

Going to Ubud first time in Bali

The terrace in our lovely accomodation in Ubud

We went out for dinner, and everything seemed hipster and the prices higher that what we’d like to pay. After walking around for a bit, we found a place with local food but a bit fancier for still really good prices. It’s only a matter of looking, there’s always something nice and with fair prices!


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