Time to get moving

May 1st, 2019. Surabaya

We always say it: travelling full time, you sometimes need a holiday from the travels. And that’s what we did the previous days relaxing and getting things done, not worrying about any sites we had to see, or places we had to go to. Travelling in Indonesia could wait for a little bit.

Indonesian street food

Indonesian street food

Walking along the street we bought some fruit and snacks from local stands for breakfast, and we start to get the feeling that people in Indonesia are always so friendly and kind. Is it because we are the only tourists here? Somehow, we feel very welcomed. And that’s a great feeling when travelling, the one that makes you feel home.

We’re back on track, travelling in Indonesia

May 2nd, 2019. Surabaya

Now we’re full of energy again and back on track, finding out what places we want to see while travelling in Indonesia. One thing we already know, this country is full of amazing people.

Our plan is visiting Mount Bromo, an active volcano. Getting there doesn’t look too simple, so we asked at the reception of the hotel for some information. They seemed surprised about the question, like if no one had ever asked before how to get to Mount Bromo! We got some confusing information, not really helpful… but we knew we would have to take a train the next day.

Going to Mount Bromo by train

Going to Mount Bromo by train

Getting information about visiting mount Bromo was difficult, so we wrote this guide to help others make it a bit easier. Once you know where to go, it’s pretty easy. And we also tell you how to visit it for free!

Walking through the city we passed by a train station. It was nice to find a place to eat real food there! Then we asked about how to get to Mount Bromo, and finally got some more information. We need to take a train from Surabaya to Probolinggo, and from there… we’ll see. That was not the train station we had to use, but we could still buy the tickets there. Luckily, the staff there (as all Indonesians) were very kind and helped us out getting our tickets… otherwise we would still be there trying to figure things out! Our train tickets were 120k rupiah each.

Visiting Surabaya ferry terminal

By the coast of the city there’s a ferry terminal with a nice view over the water and a bridge. Trying to get there the shortest way, we ended up at a navy restricted area that no one could pass through. And that explained why all drivers weren’t accepting to take us there!

Once we learnt how to get to the ferry terminal going around (and not through the navy area), we went to the view point. Richard is such a fan of ports and ships, so this was a little paradise for him, with a beautiful sky just before sunset. The entrance fee was 10k rupiah, but if you have a ferry ticket it’s all free.

Getting a Grab ride to go back home was no easy job. At the terminal it was very overpriced, so we walked out for a few minutes… and it started to rain. When we finally got an Uber driver, we start hearing the prayer call coming from all mosques. And then we get a message from the driver, that he will come quickly as soon as the prayer is finished. Then it started to rain harder. Not our lucky day!

We have a logo!

As we arrived back “home” (aka our hotel room) we went to the printing shop across the street. The past days we had been working on our “pilot” online business and we finally created a logo for it. So, we went and made ourselves some T-shirts with our company logo (for 6€!). Now we can consider it official! Stay tuned to see what’s coming soon…




Check out what our next adventure while travelling in Indonesia, visiting the active volcano Mount Bromo!


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