Day 2. Wind, wind and more wind

Mkokotoni is the capital of the north western part of Zanzibar. This was our first marked destination for the day. A 40 minutes drive with 1 turn to the right and 1 turn to the left. Just before the village we got pulled over by an officer next to the road. He wanted to see our cards (driving licence included the local driving licence which is needed when driving in Zanzibar), we got a little nervouse but soon we were relaxed when he saw the Dutch driving lisence and asked about the fact that there are so many Dutch persons with “Van” in their last name. We joked with him, and we could continue. We arrived in the village already, passed a small market, crossed a bridge, went to the left… and we left the village already. We realized this was a tiny local fishermans village where with low tie all the fishing boats are laying on the sand. It was a beautiful view.

What about lunch?
As there was nothing more than some fishermen trying to sell their catch, we searched for a restaurant nearby. We picked a place back on the east side of the island, just below our hotel. When we arrived we were amazed by the small resort we saw there.

This new hotel has a restaurant as well. The owner was sitting near us while working on his laptop and kindly greeted us.  This wasn’t the kind of budget place we usually look for, but we treated ourselves with a tuna tartar and banana crisps with guacamole. Later, he offered us to eat some local sea urchins on the house. With some lemon and gin they were delicious! A warm welcome of the “ Zanzibar Rock resort“.

Drinks at Melià Zanzibar’s jetty lounge

As we are in this beautiful island only once, we wanted to go for a special dinner on the jetty lounge of our neighbour resort Melià Zanzibar, with rooms of aprox. 450 EUR per night. Unfortunatly it was fully booked for dinner, but we could have some drinks on the end of the pier, trying to hide from the hard wind.
After this we headed back to the Blue Fish restaurant again to enjoy some good quality and fairly priced food.


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