Where will you be going?

For how long?

When did you decide?

What will you do?

My boyfriend Richard and I just gave notice of resignation from our current job positions. It’s been really long ago when we first started to dream about travelling the world. It felt like a dream, and I’m not sure when exactly it started to become real, but after a lot of dreaming and a lot of talking about it, here we are now. Ready for it!

We were nervous about telling our companies. Of course, this is not something you say everyday, and it was my first time quitting a job. My position involved being in contact with partners of the company in 18 countries, and I visited quite a few of them, besides communicating on almost daily basis. I’m really lucky we hosted an event where almost everyone came, and I had a chance to say goodbye to everyone in person. It was very hard to tell them “I’m going to leave”. I’ve learnt a lot from all this people, I’ve had great times with them, and I appreciate them greatly. I’m very thankful because of the reactions I received, with mixed feelings of sadness because I was leaving, but happiness because I’m going to make my dream happen. If you are reading me and you are one of them, thank you!!

Everytime we tell that we are quitting our jobs in order to travel long term, we get the same questions: where, when, how long….?

The answer is, in most cases “I don’t know”. Our plan is not to plan. Of course, we have an idea in mind: first a few countries in North and South Africa, as well as Madagascar, Kenya and Tanzania. From there, a jump to Middle East and later on, to Asia Pacific where we plan to spend most of the time. However, we are open for plans to change, and even though Latin America isn’t in the plan right now, I’m hoping we will somehow end up there, so I can visit some of my lovely friends there. We would like to find jobs on the way, try new foods of course, learn “hello”, “thank you”, and “nice to meet you” in as many languages as possible, become more sportive and active, learn how to surf, make bubbles everywhere, meet people, and then meet them again somewhere else.

What we know for sure, is that on July 1st we will be in my hometown in Spain, and will spend there the whole summer with my family, enjoying being home, seeing my first niece being born, going on holiday to the north with my family, and receiving visits from the family of my boyfriend. I can’t wait for this summer at home, after 4 years living abroad (with regular visits, of course).

We have just a few more weeks of work, and on the meantime we need to sell most of our belongings. This is starting to get real!!


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