Travelling to South Africa

We travelled from Dar es Salaam via Blantyre, Malawi. We were told to be early at the airport, and we listened. So we had 2’5  hours to get bored in the very empty and samll airport. During the check in, we were asked to show our visa for South Africa, but we didn’t have it because europeans don’t need it. We were shaking, thinking it would be the same nightmare story as when were traveling to Kenya. Luckily the supervisor came and realised we are able to travel without the visa.

Travelling via Malawi
Blantyre airport

Blantyre airport

After a short flight we arrived in Blantyre’s airport. The flight attendant asked the passengers with transit to Johannesburg to leave the aircraft, and the rest would continue to Lilongue. While walking out of the plane, we found our luggage being off-loaded. We enter the one and only building where there is 2 equal shops and a bathroom without running water. No security check, no passport control, nothing. After 30 minutes the steward starts walking around and telling people the flight for Johannesburg is ready. As there were just 2 doors (1 domestic and 1 international) we knew where to go. 4 hours later we landed in Johannesburg where we fell in love with the first civilizated airport we have seen in 7 weeks.

Finally a trip following our initial plan… nothing planned.

The initial idea of our trip is not to plan anything. We stay with friends in Pretoria for the first 2 nights and we did not know what to expect. So we were ready to get the real South African Experience. We had an amazing welcome “Braai” (barbecue) with the best steak and ribs. The day after we went to Sun City Water Park, a very cool water resort in the middle of nowhere. On our way we saw the worlds largest platinum mining operation which was impressive to see. To finish the first day we had dinner at the palace of the resort.

Visiting the family

5 years ago Henk and his friend Armant came to visit us in The Netherlands. Henk is far family of Richard. Back then, they asked us to visit them in South Africa. And now we that we are around, it’s a great opportunity to visit them. Read about the visit to the family in the post: The real South African experience!



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