A short night

May 4th, 2019

Our day started at 3:30 am to walk to a view point and see the sunrise over Mount Bromo.

We met our French friends at 3.30 at the gate where we sneaked in the day before. We started our walk up. It was vey dark except for the lights of jeeps passing us. The walk took us around one hour and we did not regret skipping the jeep tour (300k rupiah) because it was not a hard walk up.

Halfway we saw all the jeeps parked, and from that point they were offering horse rides to the top for 100k rupiah. Those poor horses did not deserve such hard work, besides any human with two legs can do it on their own.

A perfect sunrise over Mount Bromo

When we reached the top there was already too many people, some with huge cameras. We were surprised that so many people are crazy enough to wake up at 3:30 for this! So we decided to go down just a bit, to a point with the exact same view, slightly lower but without people. A perfect spot for a nice coffee and sunrise.

Sunrise at Mount Bromo

Sunrise at Mount Bromo

When the sun started to light up it created such a beautiful landscape, the smoke of the volcano floating low on the air making an ocean of clouds and a sky full of colours. Our eyes couldn’t ask for more!


If you’re planning on going to Mount Bromo don’t forget to check our guide with all the tips to visit it for free!

On the way down a truck passed by and asked if we wanted to hop on. We joined a group of locals on the back of the truck and got to the village pretty quick! The local restaurant was opening a bit later, so we chilled outside with the morning sun on our face and that lovely feeling of being cold but the sun heating your skin. And then, it was time for breakfast. As usual, banana pancakes. They were by the way delicious, for 15k rupiah (1€)

Sunrise at Mount Bromo

Sunrise at Mount Bromo

We relaxed and packed our bags. Later we went for a walk around the fields of the village. Then we hanged our hammock to chill until it was time to go.

Relaxing with our Globetrotterdammers hammock

Relaxing on our Globetrotterdammers hammock

From Probolinggo to Mount Ijen

Back in Probolinggo we had some time until the train. We went in search of airco to a 7/11 shop to kill time while having and iced coffe. After 4 long hours in a full train we arrived in Karangasem, the train station closest to Mount Ijen.

We booked accommodation next to the train station, because we were too tired to think of going anywhere else. There was just one small restaurant in the area. We had dinner there with some of the people we had met on the train. We talked about the options to visit Mount Ijen but we were not in the mood to make decisions, so we would decide the next day.

Finally, time to sleep!

The next day we will go to Mount Ijen, one of the two places in the world where you can see blue lava! Read it in this post.


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