Time to say goodbye

April 28th, 2019 ( Indonesia )

After travelling with Blanca’s parents around Malaysia and Singapore, it’s time to say goodbye and go to our next destination, Indonesia. We went together to the famouse Singapore Changi airport. The parents were flying at 2am, and we had a flight at 8:15am.

First of all, we checked if the 2am flight was already open for check in, and luckily it was. So we got rid of part of the luggage and went to visit the Jewel terminal, which did not disappoint. It’s like entering a time machine and appearing in the future, there’s a huge indoor waterfall in the middle and we arrived just in time for the lightshow. And all for free!

After wandering around, it was time to say goodbye… time went too fast the last 10 days! Blanca’s parents went to security, and we went to Terminal 2 expecting we would have to wait. But Singapore airport is just perfect, and almost all flights are open for early check in, so we could get rid of our luggage already. We went through security, and then realized that all terminals are connected, and we had just enough time to run back to the terminal were Blanca’s parents were to say goodbye one more time. (Because saying goodbye it’s never easy!)

Sleeping at the airport

After their flight left, we still had six hours until our flight. So we sent to the resting areas of the airport to find out that they were all completely full. Not only the resting areas, but every single corner in the terminal! Everywhere there was people sleeping on the ground and on chairs. So we did the same. We found our corner and camped for the rest of the night. We can’t say that it was a comfortable night, but at least we saved some money in accommodation haha!

Sleeping at the airport traveling from Singapore to Indonesia

Sleeping at the airport traveling from Singapore to Indonesia

Our alarm went on and it was time to go to the boarding gate. We can’t remember much; we were so tired that we slept through the whole flight.

Arriving in Indonesia… surprise!

When we finally arrived in Surabaya, Indonesia, they asked for our return flight ticket…. Which of course, we did not have. So, as we have done before, we booked a flight right there with the airport’s wifi to Manila three weeks later.

Finally, we made it through customs, and our bags were the only ones left, waiting for us. They even asked us why we took so long, so we were afraid something else would go wrong! As always, getting cash is the first thing we do. Being the only tourists around, all taxi drivers approached us. We finally got a good deal with a nice honest man. He had been a mine worker for many years but had to be let go at the company, and now he makes his living as a taxi driver. This good man told us a lot about Surabaya and how to get around and to the islands and volcanos. We love it when we find people like him!

Made it to Surabaya!

When we arrived at the Oyo hotel it was too early to check in, so we went for lunch. We were too tired, so we ended up eating pizza at the nearby mall. And then finally, we could check in and SLEEP.

In the evening we went out to find something to eat and got some nice street food. It started raining pretty hard (end of rain season they said?), so we were stuck for a little while. It was taking too long, so we just run back to the hotel under the rain. Couldn’t wait anymore to lay in bed for the rest of the night…

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