After 370 km driving around the island, it is time to fill up the tank.

When we picked up the rental car the tank was empty. It is probably the standard on Zanzibar “pick up empty, give back empty”. We filled up more than half of the tank, and drove around until it was almost empty. The fuel sign on the dashboard of the car light up when we were on the South side of the island, where there were less fuel stations compared to the north side. And surprisingly the first fuel station we found did not have petrol. When we arrived at the second fuel station, they did not have petrol either. Just up the road there was another fuel station which was larger. And again, they also did not have any petrol. So we found out that there was a delivery problem for the last couple of days in Zanzibar…  We managed to get back to Paje, near our hotel, using already a big part of the spare tank. The fourth fuel station also did not have any petrol…

We contacted our Car rental company, Ola Ola Car rental Zanzibar, that provided us with a solution. He had a guy that could come to us to bring us 10L of petrol. After 2 hours, our guy arrived using the dalla dalla (public transport) from the capital Stone Town. We could not be happier! We would definitely recommend this rental company.

2 Days of heavy rain.

Today and yesterday were pretty much wet. There was a lot of rain that fell throughout the night and some more during the whole day. During the wait for fuel, we went for some lunch near the road in the small village of Bwuejuu, we bought some delicious fresh fruits and some kind of pancakes. Best news is, we seem to have survived the local food, we’re not sick yet!

Our hotel is close to the schools where dozens of children go every day to study. All nice and tidy in their school uniform, they all say “Jambo” to us when we walk by. We had a sneak peak over the walls of the schools.

Back at our hotel our friend was waiting for us: George the monkey. He had been securing the room all night so he deserved some mango and some banana treats… but he was way too busy posing for the camera and chasing the crows… The fruit is still laying in front of our window!













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