Day one!

We’ve spent the night on standby, I don’t think we really managed to sleep. Finished the last minute details and wrapped the sandwiches of meat and tortilla that my lovely mom and grandma had prepared for us. Zippers closed, locks locked, bags in the car. Ready to go to Madrid ’s airport!

I may admit that a few tears dropped down my face as I said goodbye. It doesn’t get any easier…. but soon I remembered I’m on my way to my life’s dream and all those feelings turn into something really special. This is the day we’ve been talking about for so long, and it’s here. Do we even believe it yet? I think it will take longer still…

Arriving at Madrid’s airport

So here we are now, in Fes. We’re staying at a traditional moroccan house, a Riad in the Medina. On the way to Madrid we arranged a pre booked taxi from Fes’ airport to the Riad (always doing things last minute…), which was convenient to avoid being scammed right at the beginning, haha. We paid 150DH, about 15€ for a 30 minutes ride. Not too bad.

Everything went smoothly, our driver brought us to the Riad and our room was clean and tidy. We relaxed for a bit and went out to explore this crazy town. We didn’t really tried to find anything specific, just to go for a walk, but this town is a maze of small streets, and small buildings all looking the same way. Impossible to get orientation here!

Now we’re chilling at the rooftop of the Riad, looking up some things to do these next days here.

View from the rooftop in Fes

Stay happy!


– Blanca


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