Sometimes, everything that can go wrong just goes wrong. Luckily, all our issues to fly to Kenya could be solved and we managed to stay calm and find solutions. We were even lucky to meet an American girl (sorry, can’t remember your name!) who saved my life and shared with me her medication for my cold. We had nice chats with here and later we got in our first flight to Jeddah , Saudi Arabia. We slept all the way through, luckily. And when we landed, the ultimate airport experience was just waiting for us.

As soon as we entered the airport we were checked that we had a ticket to fly out. Then you go through security, which was separated for men and women, and I was checked by women wearing burka. Pleas don’t get me wrong, we respect absolutely all people. It was just something so different to what we are used to – which is the best part of travelling!

This airport is reaaaally small, although it has a lot of international transit flights. It was over crowded, people sleeping everywhere on the ground, and it was freezing cold (while 40 degrees outside). I was one of the few women both at the plane and at the airport, which also made me feel noticed. Out of respect, I was recommended to wear a scarf over my head, although it isn’t necessary.

Finally, time for our next flight. Everything goes smoothly this time, but we were already so tired and slept again the during the flight which was perfect. When we landed, we were only asked to show the visa and passport. We did not need to show the yellow fever vaccination certificate, nor the flight ticket out of Kenya…. Great.

The last surprise of the trip (but this time a nice one), was that there was a group of traditional Masari people singing and dancing at the exit of the airport, welcoming everybody. I even got flowers!!!


We bought a SIM card right at the exit, and then got an uber to drive us to our Airbnb, where another surprise was waiting for us. The place was not looking great and the kitchen was just wood boards put together. But okay, we could be fine with that. Then the host mentioned that water would only come after 6PM and until 10AM. Okay, we can be flexible about this as well. Then we realized she didn’t leave us towels, and the breakfast that was supposed to be included, wasn’t. Even better, later in the night we still didn’t have water in the bathroom: could not shower, or flush the toilet. We thought this was a bit too much for us, we couldn’t be flexible enough so early the next morning, we searched for another accommodation, packed, and moved. Luckily Airbnb understood the issue and we got a refund. Yet another problem, solved.

Finally, the accommodation we found is a very nice little studio in an appalments complex with a pool, little sauna and jacuzzi, clean, with everything we need, security, electricity, and most importantly, water.

After all, this intense 48 hours have taught us many lessons. Mostly, and like my mom always tells me, everything has always a solution. We went through everything being calmed and looking for alternatives, we managed to get to Kenya at the same time as planned, and we learnt that after all, we are in Africa and we need to appreciate much more the things that at home we thought were basic. And, for sure, this is another funny story to tell in the future, and to keep in our memories.

And all this could not be better summarized than with the Swahili saying that we all know:



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