Last Friday I went to get some moving boxes. First thing I though: how many should I get? So let’s start with ten.

I’ve only packed two boxes so far, and those things already left some empty spaces in the house which are so hard to look at. Still 20 days to go, but I prefer to do this gradually instead of all during the last week, to make it a bit less painful.

Moving out from Austria was also hard, but different, because I knew since the beginning, that there was an end date. However, when I moved to The Netherlands, I didn’t really have a clue if there would be an end date (I didn’t know what I was doing at all, to be honest).

This time is quite hard, 3 years of my life that need to be put in boxes and close them with this chapter. I know we’re ready for it, but now I know I will also always be ready to come back to this city, my second city, my Rotterdam, because we didn’t even leave yet and I already miss it.

Anyway, it’s moving time! so we’ll be busy packing all our stuff – I don’t know how or when I got so many books, why I brought that many shoes, or all those summer clothes I barely used! Note for the future me: you only need half of the things you think you need! (I hope I will remember this when we start packing for the big trip).

Wish us luck…


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