We finally did it! For a stunning 14,47€ (thank you Ryanair) we booked the first flight of our world trip.

The first destination will be Morocco, as there are many connections from Spain and it’s so close (okay, and cheap). And because it’s a beautiful country! we will start from Fes on September 15th, travel around the country, and fly out from (maybe) Casablanca around two weeks later, as that’s the biggest international airport in Morocco.

So far, we’ve managed to booked accommodation at two places for 10€/night per person, right in the city center. After our stay, we’ll let you know how it was!

This is the list of things we’ve planned to do in Morocco:

Yup, nothing so far haha! But we’ve got loads of recommendations and we’re sure we won’t have time to get bored. I can’t wait to get lost in souks!

Stay tuned to find out what our next destination will be. We already have some ideas in mind, and here’s a hint: it will be one of the 7 wonders of the world.


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