The Bokor mountain near Kampot is a great place to escape from the heat and the hustle and bustle of the big cities. We were hosted by Thansur Sokha hotel and enjoyed every activity that the mountain has to offer. We tell you here all the hidden gems of Bokor, from cool abandoned places to the ultimate jungle hike (tarantula spotting included!).

The Bokor mountain experience

The Bokor mountain experience

Getting to Bokor mountain.

We were picked up at 7am at Sokha Phnom Penh, after staying there for a few days – having the biggest pool of Phnom Penh to fight the heat was a great plus! –. Arranging the transport was completely hustle free and they brought us straight to Thansur Sokha hotel in Bokor. It was great to feel the breeze on the top of the mountain!

How to get to Bokor mountain

Getting to Bokor mountain

After a smooth check in, we had lunch at the Champa Café in the hotel with some of the best smoothies we’ve tried so far! Then, it was time to explore some of the sites of the mountain!

Lok Yeay Mao Monument

This is the biggest and highest statue in Cambodia! It is considered a protector spirit of travellers, fishermen and hunters. The weather in the mountain changes very quickly, so within a few minutes you may be able to see it under a shining sun, and in between the fast-moving clouds. We were also lucky to spot a big group of friendly monkeys around -do not feed them!!-

Lok Yeay Mao Monument in Bokor

Lok Yeay Mao Monument

Black palace or Domnak Sla Kmao

This abandoned villa was King Preah Bath Norodom Sihanouk’s residence for vacation. Built from bricks, it used to be decorated with black wood on the outside in 1936. Today, only a few pieces of wood remain, but the bright red colour of the lichen on the walls gives it a magical touch.

Black palace at Bokor mountain

Black palace at Bokor mountain

Old catholic church

This old church retains its original form although it’s not been in use for decades. Behind the church there’s a little path, climb a little up the hill and you will be rewarded with a great view of the countryside.

Abandoned old church in Bokor mountain

Abandoned church

Popkovil waterfall

The two-tier waterfall means “swirling clouds” in Khmer. This is the most beautiful waterfall around, where you can take a scenic walk to embrace mother nature. Be sure to visit it during rain season, as during other times of the year the waterfall will be dry. However, it is still a beautiful site and the views from the top are absolutely stunning! This a good place to stop for lunch at the on-site restaurant.

Popokvil waterfall in Bokor

Popokvil waterfall

Mountain lake

A place to relax and enjoy fun water activities such as kayaking, canoeing, fishing, and riding paddle boats. For those that love nature, Thansur hotel can arrange for you a camping night by the lake. An unforgettable experience, both for adults and kids.

Mountain lake Bokor camping site

Mountain lake

There was a lot more to discover, but that was enough for our first day at Bokor. A big adventure awaits for the next day! Read here our experience during the jungle hike!


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