Richard Groenewegen   

Born on 10 september 1991 in the city of Rotterdam.

Education: Industrial business Engineering

Latest experience: 3 years Sales Engineer international machine manufacturer.

Family, hobby’s and intrerests.

I come from a small family which changed towards a huge family. For me at least. Nowadays I have 1 younger brother, 1 younger sister and 1 older sister. I used to be the youngest untill the last 2 came! From that moment I had to behave.

With eveything I have done everyone always noticed, he has got alot of energy. I am always busy and when I go for something. I put all my enegry into it to make it work. From there on I have had alot of hobby’s. Sailing, BMX, Skating, Horse riding, Barefoot waterskiing, Boxing, Climbing, and a lot more. Juggeling is something I also love and apperently is something that is good for you. I still do alot of Diabolo lately.

As I have been living in the Rotterdam with one of Europe’s (worlds) biggest Ports, I have a love for Water and everything in, on, and around it. I have done some internship in the harbour as Electrical Technic Service mechanic. In this place the large bulk and container ships arrive when being offloaded. This gave me the intrest in the Port and ships.

Last but not least, recently my father has been expanding the house. Together we have worked alot of hours to bring this to realisation. The complete construction, demolishing and everything else is done by himself. I am just giving a helping hand and a learning attitude! And ofcourse alot of help from even my friends!

Education and experience.

Started a degree in Mechatronics on the University in Rotterdam. After 4 years I finished the complete study with experience in Electrical Service and Maintenance in the harbour and the Production of Mechanical Machines. The oppertunity came there to work in the harbour of Rotterdam. Which was and is interesting for sure but I wasn’t sure if my hearth belong there.

So I continued with a Bachelor study with the degree in Industrial Business Management and Engineering (Technische bedrijfskunde) on the Institution for engineering and applied science (EAS). These studies usually take 4 years of education but with my previous study I was able to do a faster program during. Having the ability to finish the study within 3 years. The minor during these studies was the best of all times. International Business Management on the Fach Hochshule in Kufstein, Austria. Half a year of Skiing, Studing, Snowboarding, Socializing, Mountainbiking, and having the time of our lives. Finishing the study I gratuated within the 3 years.

Starting a new chapter in my career as a Sales Engineer. This has been a very educational time where I have

developed my expertise. I have found myself into a Sales Engineer position for the business unit Visser Horti Systems. This 50 year old business (June – 1967) has been an innovative and proven machine manufacturer

and supplier of automation within the greenhouse industry. With responsibilities in the UK, New Zealand and Australia I have met alot of amazing people.

Leaving the house, job and everything else!

After a 1.5 year long battle between me and the landlord we made a compromise. I would leave his house the 1st of Juli 2018. This was a decision making monent for me because it had started a greater idea.

1st of Juli 2018 I have quitted my job, house and sold all my belogings to start an unplanned travel of the world. Deciding to put my majority of energy in a greater good. Searching for the things I love to do and exploring my knowledge within this world.