Born as the youngest of 4 siblings, we always laugh about how my parents didn’t put that much of an effort in, let’s say, “educating” me, as they did with their first child. I followed the path that my brothers and my sister opened up for me, which was a great advantage as I never had to ask at what time I should be back home at night, or they never asked me whether I had studied for my exams or not.

Indeed, I grew being quite independent in a small town called Valladolid where opportunities are limited. I knew since quite early that I shouldn’t have to be forced to stay where I was born, and lucky me, no one ever stopped me, but supported me. I spent my teenage summers in US, staying with my amazing “second family”, who I was so blessed to meet. Those summers opened up my eyes and my mind, I saw that teenagers do get some side jobs to make some money, which was very uncommon back home. And so I started looking at options and I ended up being a piano and English private teacher, tutor, and babysitter, while going to school in the mornings and to music school in the afternoons. I always enjoyed using my time to the fullest and keeping myself busy!

I studied in my hometown – the economical situation didn’t leave me much opportunities, but I was lucky I could choose a bachelor I loved. Things got better, and I did my third year in Austria as an Erasmus exchange student. There, I met the Dutch boy who turned into my boyfriend, the reason (mostly) why I moved the next year to The Netherlands to finish my study.

Time flew, and all of a sudden I was in The Netherlands for 3 years, working for more than two years in a cool growing industry like it is 3D printing. We had our house and our stable nice life together, almost like a dream. But you can always dream harder, no?

We don’t know exactly when, some day we started talking about those people who leave everything behind and go travel. How cool would that be…. and these thoughts and conversations, that never stopped, turned one day into a “why not us?”.

And here we are now. Making the biggest dream we could dream happen.

We are ready to put all our skills into work during this adventure of traveling the world, we look for opportunities and challenges on the way, everything that will bring us out of our comfort zones, we want to learn, risk, try, sometimes win and sometimes lose.

It’s now or never.