Wherever you look you can find people.

The biggest city in China. Since 2005 it has gotten the status of national central city. Shanghai is a city wich has the most inhabitants in the world.

One point of attention, get used to the habbits of the local people. It is hard to adapt when you are there for a shorter period of time. I have been told, by a friend I have met, you will get used to it. As a person from the West Europe you are a pinpoint of attention for the locals. Kids and elderly sometimes have never seen a person like you. They are not afraid to stare. It is also a benefit, whenever you see another European or American person, you will have a connection.


Costs: low to medium – food is cheap and the accomodation are there in every kind. Ofcourse you can make it as crazy as you want.

Currency: RBM – Chinese yuan

Vaccinations needed: none. Do not drink water from the tap to avoid getting sick, as well as drinks with ice cubes.

Visa: Is required as a visit to China. Costs for visa are equal for a single, triple or multiple entry. Although the chinese consultation only gives the single entry… 

Language: Actually, the Chinese variety spoken in Shanghai is the most common dialect from the Wu Chinese language group. Keep in mind that 90% of the city inhabitants do not speak a word of English. Only people in a suit do. 

Safety: Shanghai is safe for all kinds of travellers. Watch out for pickpockets like in every crowded place.

Transport: fairly affordable, including taxis and uber

Here are 3 things you should not miss in Shanghai

1. The financial tower – Bottle opener (blue tower)

Not tired enough after a 12 hour flight, head over in the subway toward the financial district. This is an unknown tip. There is a restaurant and bar on the 87th floor. Which is for free and gives an amazing view over the complete city. Another fun thing to see is the hour 22:00 on the 87th floor. Due to power savings and light poluttion the lights of the complete city are turned off exactly at 10 in the evening. Fun to see a city go to sleep. 

2. The Bund

The boulevard of Shanghai with its high class bars and rooftop restaurants. A very interesting part of the city to see but also just to walk by for a couple of hours. Every couple of days and for sure on saturday there will be hundreds of couples which are just married or about to get married. They come to take pictures with the most beautifull view of Shanghai.

3. The local markets

Instead of going to the typical markets which are about everywhere try to find 1 of the local markets. Most of the time they are hidden in old office buildings where its a kind of whalhalla of small storage lockers. Each locker is a store with a certain type of product they sell. For example umbrellas. Which they use and take out on the streets when it starts raining, like rats the sales people spread and all over the place you can buy them. We went into a market of 9 floors high completely full with everything you can imagine.


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